Cheap Apartelle in Tagaytay | Affordable Hotels in Tagaytay | LCB Apartelle

Among all the affordable hotels in Tagaytay, staying at the LCB Apartelle and Resort will give you the most out of your money!

Don't look far for a place where to stay in Tagaytay, just head on over to LCB Apartelle and Resort!

Booking a cheap accommodation in Tagaytay with LCB Apartelle and Resort can still guarantee you an unforgettable night!

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You now know where to stay in Tagaytay with a pool, LCB Apartelle and Resort!
Stay at LCB Apartelle for the most relaxing and serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city!
Cheap Apartelle in Tagaytay | Cheap Accommodation in Tagaytay | LCB Apartelle

Welcome to LCB Apartelle and Resort

Unsure of where to stay in Tagaytay? Come and have a magical,
relaxing night at one of the best budget hotels in Tagaytay at LCB Apartelle and Resort!


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Our Rates

Take a nap on any of our rooms and you will have the sleep of champions.

Family House (Bayas)

10 pax or more - 6500/ day

5500/12 hrs or overnight

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Family house (Spiral)

10 pax or more - 6500/ day

5500/12 hrs or overnight

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If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay that just hits home, you know where to find us! The cheapest hotel rates with pool and other accommodation that you will need to unwind. The best thing about LCB Apartelle is that it is always open, like your home is meant to be.

Contact Information

238-Maitim 11 East Aguinaldo Hi-way Maitim ll East Tagaytay City, Manila, Philippines

Telephone numbers:
(046) 6820509, (046) 4131720

Cellphone number:
09228648667, 09173526253, 09198436138, 09321740631

Open hours:
Always open, 24/7

For Reservation Please Contact Us